An URL shortener by Boolean World

Shorten your long links

What is is an URL shortener. It takes your long links and gives you a short one that you can share anywhere.

In addition, you can get aggregate statistics for these links, like the number of people who have visited your short link and the sites from which they visited it.



Get detailed statistics on an short link by adding a plus sign (+) at the the very end, like

Customizable links

Customize your short URL by clicking the "Custom URL button".

URL preview

Want to show people a preview of the link contents before redirecting? Add a tilde (~) at the very end, like

QR codes

After you generate a short URL, you can click on the QR code icon () to generate a QR code for easy sharing on mobile devices.

Social sharing

Share your short URLs directly by clicking on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ directly through the share buttons below your shortened URL.


We check the destination of short URLs with various blacklists to ensure you never end up on a spammy or unsafe site.

Use right from your browser

Add the extension to your browser to shorten and share URLs directly from your browser